When facing a federal investigation, it is important that you hire a lawyer. The lawyer should have experience in federal court. Not any lawyer can represent you. When an agency doing the investigation approaches you for any fraud like health care fraud, most probably, they have you as a suspect and may only ask you questions that may incriminate you. Before you speak ask for a lawyer in the field like a healthcare lawyer. The lawyer has experience and will help in answering the questions according to the law. You may be obviously innocent from your point of view but the law does not work that way. The investigators will go by what you say and you may end up being charged for a crime you did not commit

Reasons to hire a lawyer.

  • Your freedom and life are in danger.

When investigators approach you for a federal investigation, they have already determined that you may be guilty They only need a few more facts to put you under arrest. These facts can come from the words you say. They are experienced and trained investigators and they will ask you incriminating questions and you may end up guilty even when innocent. Therefore, hiring an experienced attorney is necessary to protect your life and freedom.

  • To strengthen your defense in court.

Most probably, by the time you are approached for a federal investigation, there is already a case for you in court. Instead of wasting time talking to the investigators trying to prove your innocence, it is advisable to hire an experienced attorney in federal criminals. Then work with the attorney to strengthen your defense in court to prove that you are innocent.

  • To reduce chances of being charged.

Agents always want to find you guilty and charge you. When they come to question you, all they want is to find you guilty. When you refuse to speak with them and ask for an attorney, it reduces the chances of you being charged because the attorney is experienced to and will be in a better place to help you. Also, the agents will know that you understand the law and will not charge you unfairly.

  • To avoid sharing unnecessary information.

The agents only want to incriminate you. It is important to hire a lawyer to avoid disclosing some information which may end up putting you in prison. The lawyer will train you on how to answer questions and avoid saying information that the agents want to hear.

  • To help reduce penalties.

In a case whereby you cannot avoid being found guilty, the sooner you hire a lawyer the better. The lawyer will start working on your case early enough and when found guilty, he or she can find a way to reduce the penalty or have you moved to a state court which is fairer than a federal court.

It is crucial to hire a lawyer whenever you are facing a federal investigation. Federal investigations are normally serious than normal investigations. You have a right to have a fraud attorney and you should not be forced to say anything against your will.

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