Good Health Care is important for many reasons, longer more productive living for one. However, Most Americans who want health care do have it. Is it the most affordable? No, but until this Administration came into power it was the best.

Health Care wasn’t even a topic of discussion during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. It was all economy and jobs. So why Obama care? Because it’s the fastes way to make this a Socialist Country.

Job creation? Please, if you wanted job creation why would you threaten all the major US companies with tremendous new Health Care expenses and tax hikes simultaneously?

No one in their right mind could have actually expected private sector growth with policies like this. Why do you think these companies are sitting on their cash. They want to invest in the US, but not when some political clown who never created a job in his life is waiting to take it from you to pay off everyone who got him elected.

Lawyers who encourage everyone to sue doctors are who we really need to be calling out, because they drive the cost of Health Care up.